When gaming is a lifestyle!

All new, and ready to Kick-Ass!

Well. i had to call my first post something rigth?

So, now that you are here, welcome!
This page will be dedicated to my devolopment of my RPG PnP System 1Plus2D6 and my first setting for said system, Eternal Adventures.

First off, what is 1Plus2D6, and RPG PnP, and Eternal Adventures overall?
Simply put:
RPG PnP Means a Pen and paper roleplaying game, or tapletop game where you play out the role as difrent characters.
1Plus2D6 is a system in devolopment for playing one of those games, the “Rules to the world’s physics” so to say. its how you in a fair and game like maner desides how well some thing your character do goes.
Last but not least. Eternal Adventure! This is my litle baby- its a setting taking 1Pus2D6 and using it to let you people out there play rich and intertaining games in a fantasy world of orcs, dragons and marvolus magic.

As the system devolops, new releases will be available. I hope to post the first compleate Beta before the end of the month. so… until then this post got the character sheets attatched to it.
Whis me luck.

Any questions? just throw me an Email. I’m Deva_i_tiden at the hoste Hotmail dot com

Oh. Ps. The documents will be in nice and nifty PDF formats 😉


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