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The good kind of bad news!

Hay all -> new weekend, new update ->

So, there have been a change of plans… I will not release the rule book in this month, in fact, it will be quiet a while before this will happen.

Now I know this sounds as terrible news, but really it aren’t. Why? Well there are 3 major reasons for this.

I’ve decided that I spell like Crap… so I’ll have an editor on that little problem.
second I’ve also decided that the book will need a lot more contents, more monsters, spells, equipment and all that.
third and maybe best… I’ve got an artist my way around, and we made a deal so he will make some artwork for the book – now this is nice –  If you don’t already know this guy you should check his side out- his name is Ricky L. Hunter and his website are right here http://www.misledtomisery.com/artwork.html 

So, now that means that you guys won’t be able to get this book by the end of the month, BUT. Ill do my best to put together a demo as fast as time allows- so stay online…




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