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Hay one and all.

So whats this page about you migth ask your self. well. thats easy to answer.
Its about roleplaying…
But not just that, No! Its about 1Plus2D6 and The Settings (That i hope) Will be attatced to it!

So what is 1Plus2D6?
Again, Easy…

1Plus2D6 is a Roleplaying Tabletop System that I, with the help of my wife, near friends, and the wackey people you find in dark corners of the internet.

This system is ment to be rules lite and action high.
Incorporating the compleate system and settings into books, where off only 15 (more or less) Are rules.

As of rigth now im writing on one of those books. it will be the setting of Eternal Adventures. a Fantasy Dark ages/Early mideval theam.

As i releas parts of it ill make a post- and I’ll even update this one each time to show all Files and ther respective posts below:

First File: The Character sheet – From the Post: All New and ready to Kick-Ass
2 More: Hunter class and Orc and goblin monsters. And  Serpentia, kingdom of its people – from Wekend update’s, Ya!


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